Teresa Wells


Teresa Wells' art recognises that when we're alone and unsure of ourselves, that's when our true humanity comes through. It's our wholes selves that make us beautiful - complete with frailties, emotions and imperfections. We don't survive in spite of our flaws, but because of them. Her work captures this duality of the inner and outer self that exists in all of us.

Whether it be a body arching backwards or one perched on the edge of a ledge, there's a dynamism and passion in each wonderfully detailed sculpture Wells creates."


Teresa Wells creates emotive figurative sculptures in bronze, that celebrate man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity. Inspired by the question “How do Humans Behave”, she draws inspiration from the contours of athletes and ballet dancers to emphasise a physical strength, placing them in precarious poses to stress fragility.


When combined  with geometric architectural supports, in steel and stone, she shows a contemporary approach to bronze, lifting it off the the plinth and making it appear less monumental and traditional.