Nicola Godden b. 1959


Nicola Godden specialises in producing figurative sculptures in bronze. Large commissions have included Icarus for the London 2012 Olympic Village, the Sir Peter Scott sculpture for the London Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre in Barnes and the Hammersmith Man for the Hammersmith flyover. 

The majority of Nicola’s work has been private work of various sizes, exhibited in galleries across the UK, Ireland and the US.


Nicola’s artwork has changed enormously over time and gone through many phases depending on where the inspiration to make sculpture has come from. Growing up in Africa and Cyprus — and the people, space and light there — has had a particularly strong influence. 


However, despite taking inspiration from various places, Nicola’s work is nearly always based on the human figure — whether in an abstract form or in a more realistic way. Nicola has a fascination with the human form because of the feelings and emotions it conveys, and this is evident in her work, which always tries to evoke the viewer’s own emotional response.


Nicola likes to create original pieces of sculpture in clay or plaster because it is fast and allows her to get the ideas out quickly. Nicola starts with a metal supporting armature and uses aluminium wire to produce the rough shape she is after and then goes from there, usually adding clay or plaster. Ideas are rarely drawn before working as Nicola likes to maintain spontaneity and get ideas as she works.