Jeremy Moulsdale


Jeremy Moulsdale creates contemporary, figuratively based sculptures, that manifest the human spirit with lightness and grace. 


There is an ephemeral quality to his work, a poetic sense of reflection.

His figures are often reaching out beyond themselves, connecting to nature, to spirit, to the sky. They invite us into a world of enchantment, reminding us of the wonder and mystery of life. 


The sculptures capture moments in time, such as when you see the moon on a starry night and your spirit soars, or a bird flies overhead and you are lifted for a moment with its wings, into the sky. 


Jeremy works in clay and plaster, which is then cast in limited editions of bronze, bronze resin or iron resin.


Mostly self taught, his creative practice is grounded in his exploration of meditation and mindfulness.


Jeremy grew up up in the beautiful landscapes of Shropshire and North Wales where he was instilled with a love for nature and felt at home in the natural world. 

This love of nature combined with his creative drive first led Jeremy into garden design and gardening. His extensive experience in creating gardens has made him intimately aware of how sculptures and gardens compliment each other.


Working as a sculptor for over 20 years, he is now based near the coast in East Sussex. His sculptures are exhibited nationally and internationally and are in private collections in the UK and around the world.