Sam Wray-Easton


Sam Wray-Easton comes from a family of artists. He studied fine art at London Art School and paints eye-catching paintings of his surroundings. He often depicts the humdrum streets of London, everyday events and people. His inspiration comes from light and contrast which he views as aspects that can be altered or heightened to create diverse effects. Using a bold palette, Wray-Easton creates vibrant, often witty, and energetic scenes that have the hustle and bustle of the streets or more contemplative works in which people are engrossed in their work. During lock-down, his scenes became divested of people, giving another dimension to the unfrequented streets.


Wray-Easton has an eye for a scene in which he can find the unusual or surprising, whether in action, angle or form which gives a depth and resonance to his painting and which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Although his work is representational, he plays with contours so that a painting carries hyper-realistic elements, alongside fragmented, almost pixilated, lines. This distortion of the environment and refracted light provokes thought, as if the scene is not quite real or space and time have shifted.