Spotlight: 'Imagine' by Rowan Gillespie

October 10, 2023
Spotlight: 'Imagine' by Rowan Gillespie

Winsor Birch is delighted to once again be exhibiting work by the internationally renowned Irish sculptor, Rowan Gillespie.


‘Imagine’ incorporates five elongated bronze figures rationalised to their fundamental integral parts. Unified by their abstraction, Gillespie manifests the inherent simplicity of form and cohesion of the group. Their faces are featureless and have a haunting, Munchian quality, but they are individualised and humanised by their differing size and positions and tilts of their heads. The sculpture is a study for the celebrated monumental ‘Proclamation’ which is located outside Kilmainham Jail and Courthouse in Dublin. It honours seven Easter Rising leaders who were executed at the jail and seven Proclamation of Independence signatories. ‘Proclamation’ was originally to be called ‘Imagine’ alluding to John Lennon’s peace anthem which converged with dreams for a utopian Irish society. 


Rowan Gillespie works alone at his one-man foundry and personally carries out every aspect of the work from conception to installation.


If you would like to purchase or commission a unique version of ‘Imagine’ with a specific number of figures, please get in touch.


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