Spotlight: 'Red Kite' by Matt Duke

September 12, 2023
Spotlight: 'Red Kite' by Matt Duke

“He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all”.
-John Livingstone -

Matt Duke's greatest piece to date is inspired by the majestic and graceful Red Kite. His unique fluid lines flow elegantly from the base upwards, symbolising a Red Kite soaring and circling over terrain that has now become a mesmerizing common sight for us all in our beautiful countryside.

Matt Duke's signature artwork is mostly concerned with nature, and he effectively produces a smooth style that brilliantly concentrates spirit and nature while also illustrating a relationship between form, shape, personality, and the living countryside. This incredible sculpture has an aesthetic appeal in its simplicity, which relies primarily with style, colour, energy, and form. With over twenty years of experience in the uncommon talent of patination, Duke cleverly captures the subject with a vivid and vibrant colour. Such hues and tones would not work with sculptures of great texture, but the spectrum of colour adds individuality and vitality to each work thanks to the contemporary and delicate surface created with skilfully carved sharp lines and curving body.

Duke's more recent works include fantastic, hypnotic movement combined with a concentrated and determined gaze. Each bronze base provides a balanced partner to emphasise the tale in a stark, creative manner. Matt Duke is beginning to explore new links between power, movement, and practical application in the well-established topic of the natural world, combining classic and known talent with minimal and new-age style. His subjects capture the passion of the occasion with an unmistakable visual harmony.


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