David Watkinson


David Watkinson began his Art studies at Wrexham College of Art, then studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, leaving with BA Hons in 1994. Since then, he has worked as a full-time sculptor from his studio in Leeds. Watkinson’s work has been installed worldwide, from Sark to New York to Switzerland, for private collectors and public display.


Watkinson’s kinetic sculptures push the boundaries of traditional static forms. He believes that kinetic sculpture gives back to the viewer in a way that static work cannot. A different engagement is created which plays with form, light and  balance; and movement through space creates tension and drama as the Earth’s elemental forces orchestrate its movement. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Watkinson’s sculptures point to the relationship between physics and the physical in nature, form, and shape.  


Watkinson’s passion for kinetic art allows him to create a sculpture that interacts harmoniously with the world and becomes almost a life form itself; it is controlled and yet beyond control. It will enable the viewer to see the wind, to watch gravity in action, and as the sculpture faithfully obeys the laws of physics, it reminds us that we are part of a greater Universe.

Watkinson states that the “balance of my work is critical. I am now in the realms where a fraction of a gram can alter a piece dramatically”. Watkinson’s years of accumulated knowledge, experimentation, and prototyping enable him to explore his art and push for new forms to express his underlying concepts.  The kinetic sculpture may be delicately balanced on precision bearings, where small air currents cause large forms to tip and move in reaction, carving a path through space before returning to a balanced position